RGCD Compo 2013: Monster Buster hat gewonnen!


Wir von P1X3Lnet sind stolz, verkünden zu können, dass unser C64-Arcade-Spiel Monster Buster den 1. Platz bei der RGCD 16 KB Modul Compo belegt hat. Ein großes Dankeschön an James/RGCD und die fleißigen Juroren und auch an die Menschen, die außerhalb der offiziellen Bewertungen die Spiele ausprobiert haben und uns Rückmeldungen gaben. Die Platzierungen im Einzelnen:

1. Monster Buster (P1X3L-net)
2. Micro Hexagon (Paulko64/Paul Koller & Mikkel Hastrup)
3. Powerglove (Lazycow/Matthias Bock)
4. Kobo64 (Soci, Singular/Kajtár Zsolt)
5. Rocket Smash (RGCD/John Christian Lønningdal & Saul Cross)
6. Vallation (Cosine/Jason Kelk)
7. Magic Duel (Domspitze/Jörn Ruchmann)
8. Cosmic Ark (Max Hall)
9. Invert (The New Dimension/Richard Bayliss)
10. Bellringer III (Geir Straume)
11. Devil Ronin (RGCD/Georg Rottensteiner)
12. Linus vs. Simon (Goat/Simon Quernhorst)
13. Candle Burner 1.1 (Laxity/Dirk Schmitt)
14. Revenge of the Tomato (The New Dimension/Richard Bayliss)
15. S-Blox 1.0 (Avatar/Payton Byrd)

Herunterladen kann man sich Monster Buster und alle anderen Spiele von der CSDb

Die Kommentare der Jury-Mitglieder zu unserem Spiel im Einzelnen:

„I’m always wary of Puzzle Bobble/Bust-A-Move clones but seeing a version of this quality on an 8-Bit platform is really impressive. Presentationally I felt this was the best game of the entries and I really enjoyed playing it. Sometimes this genre encourages sub-par implementations but this is pretty much top-notch. Plus I like the apparent thematic continuity from their previous game Space Lords.“ (Alex Ross-Shaw)

„Great conversion of Puzzle Bobble. Now I don’t have to finish my own one. 🙂 Seriously, this has great presentation, the gameplay is awesome and it’s pretty much feature complete. The only thing missing is panic mode (i.e. the game speeding up as you get closer to failing) and a 2 player versus mode. But considering that it fits into a 16KB cartridge, that can easily be forgiven. The original is one of my all time favourites, and I’ve spent many months analyzing and implementing it myself. It’s great to finally see a good version of this on the C64. Instant classic.“ (Andreas Varga/Mr. SID)

„This is the game that received the most of my time reviewing, I will be playing this title long after the competition ends. As a fan of the Puzzle Bobble series of games, this entry caught my attention immediately. While the aiming can be a little tricky, the game-play is solid and the music enjoyable. Should the author continue the project, finer control of the launch/aim mechanic would be appreciated. Also I would like to mention as a colour blind individual, the chunky and instantly recognizable sprites made game-play a joy and never did I have to take a guess or chance a shot. Addictive.“ (Anton MacArthur)

„Finally a superb Puzzle Bubble clone for the C64! Super-smooth graphics, great music and addictive gameplay, with lots of nice touches to be found everywhere. Paddle control in particular makes this a great version to play. Joystick is not bad either, but with paddles, the precision of movement is top notch! The artstyle is cute and colourful, with charming character design on the small monsters and it is nice to have a full screen presentation with in-game graphics in the border. Sometimes placement of the shot can be a bit hard to make out, but once I got the hang of things it became a non-issue. As with Space Lords two years ago, this is another solid hit from P1X3L.net. Let’s hope they continue to make games for our beloved computer.“ (Flemming Dupont)

„I love the Puzzle Bobble games, but sadly the C64 has never really been graced with a game that could even come close – until now! Monster Buster I think has managed to nail it properly, being a superb clone of the classic Taito puzzler. The presentation is one of the best of the competition, with a superb title screen and set of instructions. I like the use of the borders to provide a water reflection too. There are options to mix up the music with sfx, or just have sfx by itself, and there are various game modes for you to choose from too – play through sequentially, random or forever. The music is also one of the highlights, and reminds me of some of the game tunes I used to grow up with in the early 90’s. Along with Kobo64, a lot of time was sunk into playing this one!“ (Frank Gasking)

„This game concept is all around on dozens of platforms, but I have never seen it on a 64 before! It is very well made with care taken for precise steering and detail. Solid and enjoyable!“ (Jacob Voos/Jak T Rip)

„P1X3L.net return with what can only be descibed as a perfect 16KB game. Neither too ambitious or too simple in scope, gorgeously presented, hugely replayable and addictive, Monster Buster is exactly how Puzzle Bobble should have been done on the C64. The only way that it could be improved is by adding the targetting line and a two player vs mode, but with the game already using every byte of available space, any enhancements will have to wait for larger version. A modern C64 classic.“ (James Monkman/Heavy Stylus)

„Monster Buster is a lovely version of the 90s classic Puzzle Bobble. Great graphics, sound, music and overall polish. There are three game modes available, which enhance the game’s longevity: Infinite, Puzzle and Random. My only criticism is that in general I found it a touch too easy – although the ‚puzzle‘ mode does seem to be tougher so it does provide enough of a challenge. I completed ‚infinite‘ mode on my first try! Hmm… Maybe a fluke!“ (John Dennis)

„Clean title menu, smooth gameplay and graphics. Feels very polished, professional even. The concept is well known and very well trimmed/tuned for the needs and limits of the C64. Personally I found it a bit boring and almost too smooth. The auto-shoot without warning/timer caught me by surprise. Could be a full price title.“ (Martin Wendt/Enthusi)

„A cracking little Bust-a-Move clone shoved into 16KB with both infinite and puzzle modes to boot. There hasn’t really been this type of game on the C64, and this is definitely a welcome addition to the library. All it’s missing perhaps is the dotted line to help beginners, and the two-player mode (although I don’t know if that’s beyond what the machine can handle). It plays a little differently but that’s to be expected in regards to how it needed to be coded.“ (Matt Allen/Mayhem)

Nochmals vielen Dank, dass sich die Jury beim Testen der Spiele und Verfassen der Kommentare so viel Zeit genommen hat.


Eine Antwort to “RGCD Compo 2013: Monster Buster hat gewonnen!”

  1. James Monkman Says:

    Still waiting for this one too 😀

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